Dear Friends,

Since last August our fair board has been working on the 2020 Gasconade County Fair. We continued working, brainstorming and considered options while our community, state, and country and the world adapted and faced the challenges brought on by COVID-19. We have listened to our health department, our first responders and our state, county and city officials. Our fair board has made a difficult decision made by many others in all facets of our lives. Our board, by a very clear majority, voted to cancel the 2020 Gasconade County Fair. We wanted to have a fair and it is very disappointing and sad for us as well as for all of you. The fair board has an obligation to protect the health and well being of our community, as well as ensuring the long term viability of our great fair. The reality of social distancing, sanitizing practices required by our insurance and having enough volunteer help are too many obstacles to overcome. Our community deserves the great fair we are used to having and with the changes, requirements and a lot of unknowns we can not deliver that. We ask for your understaning and support. We will start planning and look forward to a celebrated 2021 Gasconade County Fair. Until then stay safe and stay healthy.

2020 Gasconade County Fair Board
Nick Baxter-President
John Nicks-Vice President
Brenda Kurrelmeyer-Treasurer
Cheryl Schlottach-Secretary

ATTENTION Updated Market Animal Sale Information:

There will be no buyers luncheon this year
There will be one livestock judge for all shows
The livestock judge will set the sale order at each show
There will be a sale fee and a penning fee, but no ultrasound fee for hogs this year
There will be no pre-entries this year. All paperwork will be turned in at weigh-ins
Sheep/goats will be housed in the hog barn this year
Sale announcer will be Mr. Chip Kemp
Sale auctioneer will be Mr. Anthony Peebles
Set up will occur on Sunday, July 26 with tear down on Sunday, August 2
Hog weigh-in will be Thursday, July 30, 8am-5pm
Steer weigh-in will be Friday, July 31, 8am-9am
Sheep/goat weigh-in will be Friday, July 31 at 10am
Hog show will be Friday, July 31 at 9am
Sheep/goat show will be Friday, July 31 at 1pm
Steer show will be held Friday, July 31 at 7 pm
Livestock sale will be Saturday, August 1 at 3pm

**We are working on a plan for the 4-H kids projects to be judged for state-more information to come

**Catalog ads will carry over to next year. Direct ad questions to