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Welcome to the Gasconade County Fair!
July 28 - July 31, 2021

Attention - 2021 Ticket Procedure

You have the option to surrender your season pass at the gates for an Armband to be worn all four days.  If you choose to remit a daily tab, it will be surrendered at the gate and we will request you put a daily arm band on. If you wish to leave the fairgrounds and return the same day, a daily armband will be required when leaving and must be kept in-tact on your arm for re-admittance.  If your arm band is torn or ripped off while on the fairgrounds you must bring it to the fair office so that a new armband can be issued.  All armbands must be in-tact on your arm for re-entry, NO new armband will be issued if removed from your arm while off of the fairground without paying for entry.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.


The Gasconade County Fair Association publishes all catalog, Facebook and the website, based on information we have as of May 1, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot guarantee there may not be some scheduling changes as to entertainment or other events currently scheduled. We do not have control over any upcoming government mandates or entertainers cancelling performances. We also cannot be held responsible for anyone in attendance at the event contracting any disease due to COVID-19. If you feel you are at high risk for contracting the COVID-19 disease we respectfully ask that you stay home so we can enjoy your company at the fair in 2022.

*** Attention- This Year:  No Season Tickets can be purchased after Wednesday, July 28, 2021.***